Field Experience in Volcanology, Summer 2010

Yellowstone and the Snake River Plain

Geology students from GWU participated in the initial offering of our new Field Experience in Volcanology course in July 2010, travelling to the Yellowstone Plateau volcanic field and neighboring Snake River plain for seven days of field-based learning about volcanic rocks and processes.  Students spent most of their time in and around Yellowstone National Park, but also examined Precambrian basement rocks in the Gallitan River valley and Holocene basalts at Craters of the Moon National Monument.  The purpose of the trip was to obtain practical experience in the field geology of the Yellowstone area, the site of three major eruptions during the past 2 million years, and to examine field evidence for past geologic activity including repeated eruptions of flood basalts, magmatic arc development, and Laramide orogenesis.  This page presents some of the highlights of the trip.