Charles E. Brown

Areas of Expertise

Hydrogeology, Global Energy Resources

Current Research

Dr. Brown has completed research studies centered in the geologic and hydrologic disciplines including digital modeling of groundwater flow and remediation techniques, geochemical fate and contaminant transport modeling, and geostatistics and multivariate statistical modeling applications to water resources and other scientific data.  He also has worked on digital simulation modeling of sedimentation and structural processes in geologic basins, oil and gas exploration, hydrodynamics of petroleum and natural gas reservoirs, borehole and surface geophysical applications in geologic basins, environmental issues in geology and science, as well as international energy and time series forecast modeling.  He continues to complete research that is related to the subjects above, and is working on a third book entitled “World Water Resources”. Because digital modeling simulation in geology, hydrology, and geochemistry will lead the geologic and hydrologic sciences into the next century, Dr. Brown continues to focus on computer simulation modeling in the various sciences. He is also interested in the cross correlation of geological and biological sciences in solving environmental issues.


Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University

Classes Taught

Physical Geology
Environmental Geology
Historical Geology
Global Climate Change