H. Henry Teng

H. Henry Teng

Faculty: Full-Time
Phone: 202-994-0112
[email protected]

Professor Teng is cross listed in both Geology and Chemistry. For the most up to date information about him, please visit his faculty page on the Chemistry website.

Aqueous Geochemistry

Current Research

Probing and understanding the behavior of earth materials in natural aqueous environments, including rock-water interactions (dissolution, formation, transformation, chemical change) in nature. Current research focuses on mineral dissolution and crystallization in waters with different chemistry to unravel reaction processes and mechanisms at crystal-water interfaces.  Approaches include in situ microscopic study and ex situ experimental exploration from both energetic and kinetic points of view. Exploring biomolecule-mineral interaction to understand biomineralization,(e.g. shells or bones) in biological systems, and the origin of bio-homochirality (the uniform handedness in amino acids and sugars) and, hence, the origin of life. Investigating interactions of microbes with soils to determine if certain fungi are able to promote nutrient release from minerals (bio-fertilizer). Studying methods to curtail CO2 emission through geological carbon sequestration by converting CO2 to carbonate minerals as a permanent solution; this study includes the crystallization processes of carbonate minerals to better understand this conversion, and the use of catalysts and bacteria to convert CO2 to calcium carbonate.



Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology

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