Upper-Level Coursework

Upper-level courses in geology are offered to provide students with opportunities to undertake advanced study of specialized topics.  Students seeking the Bachelor of Arts degree must complete three upper-level courses; students seeking the Bachelor of Science degree must complete four courses.  Upper-level courses in geology include the following:

GEOL 2106  Oceanography
GEOL 2151  Introduction to Paleontology
GEOL 2190  Special Topics
GEOL 2333  Evolution and Extinction of Dinosaurs 
GEOL 3118  Volcanology
GEOL 3119  Field Experience in Volcanology
GEOL 3128  Sedimentology and Stratigraphy Lecture 
GEOL 3129  Sedimentology and Stratigraphy Lab
GEOL 3138  Hydrogeology
GEOL 3189  Geophysics
GEOL 3191  Geology of Energy Resources
GEOL 4199 Undergraduate Research or Reading, may be taken repeatedly but applied only once toward upper-level course requirement as a 3-credit course