Geological Sciences Program

The Geological Sciences Program at George Washington University is an independent academic program offering Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in geology.  The program takes advantage of the rich geological setting of the University which is situated in close proximity to the Appalachian Mountains and which is located within one of the major concentrations of geologists and geologically-related professionals in the country.  The degree programs in geology at GWU involve both field and classroom-type education, and are expressly designed to prepare students for a wide range of career opportunities including working in the environmental science industry, seeking employment as a professional geologist, becoming an earth science educator, contributing to science-related writing, and undertaking further scientific training in graduate school.  Many of our students use their undergraduate degrees as a springboard toward admission to the best graduate programs in geology in the United States.

Geology: A Critical Science for Earth and the Environment

Geology is an interdisciplinary science that affects most aspects of our daily lives.  Geologists are working today at the center of many of the most pressing issues confronted by society including global climate change, volcanic hazard mitigation, earthquake prediction, land-use planning, use and development of water resources, and a host of environmental applications.  Geologists also are responsible for locating energy resources, discovering mineral deposits, and providing the geologic maps and hazard assessments that help ensure the best possible stewardship of our planet.  Hydrogeologists provide needed information regarding precious water resources and, in this way, contribute to improving the quality of life for people in many areas while also helping to alleviate or avoid crippling pollution problems.  In these ways, geology and geological materials form the basis of many of Earth’s most pressing environmental issues.  For this reason, a sound academic background in geology is an excellent way to prepare for a career in environmental science.  Visit our Careers page for additional information.

Academic Programs

The Geological Sciences Program offers Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in geology.  Undergraduate students have a wide range of course offerings from which to choose and considerable flexibility, especially in their senior year, to design a curriculum that best meets their needs and career goals.  Visit our Programs page for additional information about courses and the design of our academic curriculum.

Undergraduate Advisor and Chair

Catherine A. Forster
101A Bell Hall
[email protected]