Minor in Geology

A rectangular rock sample held in two hands

The Minor in Geology offers students majoring in other fields the opportunity to gain foundational knowledge in geology and geological materials. Students in the minor complete Mineralogy, the “building block” course for all of geology, and two introductory courses. Students then choose two elective classes from a variety of topic areas, including hydrogeology, paleontology and petrology.  

Course Requirements

Minor in Geological SciencesThe following requirements must be fulfilled: A minimum of 18 credits, including 12 credits in required courses and at least 6 credits in elective courses.
Prerequisite courses
Two courses selected from the following:
GEOL 1002Historical Geology
GEOL 1001Physical Geology
GEOL 1005Environmental Geology
Minor courses
GEOL 2111Mineralogy
Two upper-level GEOL courses selected from the following:
GEOL 2106Oceanography
GEOL 2112Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology
GEOL 2122Structural Geology
GEOL 2151Introduction to Paleontology
GEOL 2333Evolution and Extinction of Dinosaurs
GEOL 3118Volcanology
GEOL 3128Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
GEOL 3138Hydrogeology
GEOL 3189Geophysics
GEOL 3191Geology of Energy Resources
GEOL 4195Geological Field Methods