The GW Geological Sciences Program gives students the comprehensive set of tools they need to find success as geologists, environmental scientists, educators, policy advisors and much more. On campus, students take advantage of our rigorous degree programs, research facilities and experienced faculty. Off campus, students are surrounded by opportunities, from internships and research at Washington, D.C.’s many museums and scientific institutions to field excursions in the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains.


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Why Study Geology?



Geology is an interdisciplinary science that affects most aspects of our daily lives. Geologists work at the center of many of the most pressing issues confronted by society including global climate change, use and development of water resources, volcanic hazard mitigation, earthquake prediction, land-use planning and a host of environmental applications.

Job candidates with geology degrees are in high demand across many industries. A survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that the number of active geoscientists and hydrogeologists is expected to increase by about 6 percent by 2028. According to the survey, the median annual wages for geoscientists in May 2019 was $92,040 — on par with salaries for biochemists, medical scientists and economists.

Geology Careers


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"Never before have I had so much fun working so hard. I remain grateful to GW's dedicated faculty for creating a challenging geology program that sends its graduates into the world so well prepared."

David Dierksheide
BS ’07